Our Purpose

To help people continuously flourish.

What we do

We design transformational places, plans and strategies that improve life.

We leverage the heart, passion and intelligence of our more than 1,000 creative thinkers to develop solutions for the greatest challenges facing our clients and society. Whether designing for equity in education, accessible healthcare, inclusive communities, new scientific discoveries or the “next big idea” in business, we leverage our full suite of end-to-end services to help organizations and the people and communities they serve flourish.

We do this through a design approach we created called Living-Centered Design. Living-Centered Design realizes that to create a world where people continuously flourish, we must address the complex interdependencies that exist between people, businesses, communities, society and the environment. Taking this approach allows us to help organizations not only make improvements to their current state, but catalyze widespread, systemic change.

Our partners
The CannonDesign community includes Blue Cottage of CannonDesign, Facility Optimization Solutions of CannonDesign, Yazdani Studio of CannonDesign and ModularDesign+.

Our ability to help organizations realize life-centered outcomes is one of the reasons Fast Company named us a World Changing Company and one of the most innovative design firms in the world.