Living-Centered Design improves life

Living-Centered Design is our approach to designing solutions for today’s greatest challenges. It allows us to address not only human needs, but the increasingly complex interdependencies that exist across all life.

It’s hard to not be aware of the challenges our world faces—issues like climate change, safety, public health, inequity and more dominate the global news cycle. But amid these challenges are tremendous opportunities to use design to contribute to a better world. At CannonDesign, we do this with an approach we created called Living-Centered Design. Inspired by the best attributes of human-centered and systems-based design methods, it addresses challenges through the lens of the broader ecosystems they exist within—helping organizations and communities realize more impactful, systemic change.

The Living-Centered Lenses

Living-Centered Design is fueled by a deep understanding of the core needs and connections that exist within human life:

People People deserve to live happy, safe and fulfilling lives.
Business Businesses should be constantly empowered to achieve new levels of success.
Communities Communities need to support and nurture their citizens.
Society Societies must create equitable paths for social and economic prosperity.
Environment Our environment needs to be protected.
Living-Centered Design addresses each of these lenses because they're all connected.

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Living-Centered Design

See how Living-Centered Design has helped organizations realize transformative results:

Designing for belonging

York University
Student Centre

Designing for peace and human dignity

Simon Wiesenthal Center
Social Lab

Designing for underserved populations

Malcolm X College

Designing for climate resiliency

Mount Sinai Medical Center
Skolnick Surgical Tower and Hildebrandt Emergency Center

Designing for autonomous transportation

Advanced Technologies Group Center

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